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  • The Doormouse.

    The Doormouse.

    Suitable for upto 100 guests.

    Bottom level - Cornish Yarg, Next Level - Colston Bassett Blue Stilton, Next level - Cumberland Oak Smoked, Top Level - French Goat's Cheese Log.

    Price includes delivery and decorations.

  • Country Life

    Country Life

    Suitable for 60 - 80 guests.

    Bottom level - Creamy Lancashire, Next Level - Yorkshire Blue. Made by Judy Bell and her team in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, Next level - Cumberland Farmhouse, Top Level - Tovey.  A delightful little goat's milk cake with a lot of flavour.

    Price includes delivery and decorations.

  • Heart of Lancashire

    Heart of Lancashire

    Suitable for 100 - 120 guests.

    Bottom Level - A large (32cm diameter) wheel of DewLay Creamy Lancashire,Next Level - Bowland, Next Level - Garstang Blue. Another DewLay cheese, Top Level - Greenfield's Wensleydale with Cranberries.

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Please note - we no longer send individual cheeses out, we specialise in Cheese Wedding Cakes only!