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Celebrate the best of Lancashire cheese with this fabulous array of textures, tastes and colours!

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A Wedding Cheese Cake suitable for 110 – 130 guests.

Bottom Level – A large  wheel of DewLay Creamy Lancashire, our biggest selling cheese! Made from pasteurised cow’s milk in Garstang, Preston, Suitable for vegetarians. A great crowd pleaser that young and old alike adore! 32cm diameter

Next Level – Bowland – the fruity Lancashire! Rich, sweet Lancashire cheese with apples and raisins coated in cinnamon, a feast for the senses! It’s like eating rich fruit cake – but in cheese form! Pasteurised cow’s milk, suitable for vegetarians. 26cm diameter

Next Level – Garstang Blue. Another DewLay cheese, this time smooth and velveteen with a very creamy texture and a delicious blue tang! Great spread thickly onto oatcakes. Pasteurised cow’s milk, suitable for vegetarians. 24 cm diameter

Next Level – Greenfield’s Wensleydale with Cranberries. It may be named after a Yorkshire dale but make no mistake – this fine cheese hails from our friends at the Greenfield’s Dairy, Inglewhite right in the heart of Lancashire. The crunch of the cranberry has to be tasted to be believed. Pasteurised cow’s milk, again suitable for vegetarians. 21 cm diameter

Top Level – Bright Blessed Crest. Our own sheep’s milk brie, made especially for Churchmouse Cheeses. Smooth, creamy, rich brie made from pasteurised ewe’s milk. Suitable for Vegetarians.

And, included in the price, two Neufchatel (Heart-Shaped Bries) – Okay, you got us. We cheated here! As the name would imply, these gorgeous little beauties hail not from the heady climes of Preston, Rochdale or Bolton but from Normandy, France. I did try to source a suitable heart-shaped Lancashire cheese but the only one I have come across so far is coated in bright red wax – not very attractive at all! I’m sure we’ll be forgiven once you taste it however as it does provide the cake with some necessary tangy, heady soft cheese and they look wonderful, especially with some little sprigs of lemon thyme peeping out from beneath them to frame the cheese.

With regards the decorations, I usually go with a mix of whatever is in season, some fruit to enjoy with the cheese and some simply because it looks good! This selection will typically contain red & green grapes, figs, physallis, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, sharon fruit, lychees and lemon thyme sprigs for decorating together with a packet of pumpkin seeds for drizzling round the base of the cake.

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