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Suitable for larger weddings, up to 180 guests, this cake contains Wensleydale, rich Guernsey cow's milk brie Waterloo and comes with two free heart shaped bries and a Vintage Cheddar Heart!

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A Six tier Wedding Cheese Cake – suitable for larger weddings, up to 160 – 180 guests.

Bottom Level – A large wheel of DewLay Creamy Lancashire, our biggest selling cheese! Made from pasteurised cow’s milk in Garstang, Preston, Suitable for vegetarians. A great crowd pleaser that young and old alike adore! 32 cm diameter

Next Level – Greenfield’s Wensleydale. Moist, crumbly, tasty Wensleydale hand made by our friends at the Greenfield’s Dairy. Pasteurised cow’s milk, suitable for vegetarians. 30 cm diameter

Next Level – Blacksticks Blue. A rich and creamy blue about which I hear the comment, time and time again, “Well, I don’t really like blue cheese… but I love that!” And that says it all really. Pasteurised cow’s milk, suitable for vegetarians. 23 cm diameter

Next Level –  Waterloo. A silky, velveteen brie hand made by Anne Wigmore in Berkshire using the finest Guernsey cow’s milk. Raw cow’s milk, suitable for vegetarians. 19 cm diameter

Next Level – Cumberland Oak Smoked. Cumbrian cheddar-style cheese hand made by Carolyn Fairburn in Thursby and properly smoked over oak at the dairy. Not too smokey so the real quality of the underlying cheese still shines through. Raw cow’s milk traditionally made with calf rennet so this one is NOT suitable for vegetarians. (You could easily substitute the Cumberland Oak Smoked here for Wensleydale with Cranberries for no extra cost if you fancy something a little fruity – this would be pasteurised and suitable for vegetarians. Just let me know when booking the cake if this is something you would like to do.) 16 cm diameter

Topper – Tovey. Adorable little Cumbrian goat’s milk truckle, mould-ripened and full of flavour! Raw goat’s milk, NOT suitable for vegetarians (a vegetarian alternative is available, again just ask when booking). 11 cm diameter

All decorations and delivery are included as well. The cake is shown in the picture dressed with two Neufchatel (Heart Shaped Bries) and one Godminster Organic Cheddar Heart – these are included in the price.

With regards the decorations, I usually go with a mix of whatever is in season, some fruit to enjoy with the cheese and some simply because it looks good! This selection will typically contain red & green grapes, figs, physallis, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, sharon fruit, lychees and lemon thyme sprigs for decorating together with a packet of pumpkin seeds for drizzling round the base of the cake.

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