The Fieldmouse


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Great choice for a wedding party of around 100 guests – contains the wonderful Snowdonia Extra Mature Cheddar “The Black Bomber”!

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Originally created for my first visit to the Tatton Park Wedding Show in 2011, this is similar to The Doormouse but replaces the mild Yarg with a strong, powerful Welsh Cheddar.

A Wedding Cheese Cake suitable for up to 100 guests.

Bottom level – Cornish Yarg, the famous nettle-covered cheese made by the Gray family (Yarg is Gray backwards!), smooth and creamy. 27cm diameter

Next Level – Snowdonia Extra Mature Cheddar. Its smooth and creamy texture hides a rich, full, tangy bite with great length and a little crunch from the little crystals of salt. Usually covered in black wax, it is shown on this cake unwaxed, as your guests don’t really want to be fighting to cut into the cheese. 24 cm diameter

Next level – Cumberland Oak Smoked. Handmade in Thursby, Cumbria by mother and daughter Carolyn & Leonie Fairburn. Cheddar in style and hand smoked over Cumbrian oak chippings at the dairy. 16cm diameter

Eden Valley Organic Brie – Hand made at the Appleby Creamery from organic cow’s milk. A small but perfectly formed little round to finish the cake off with! 11cm diameter

Price includes delivery and decorations.

With regards the decorations, I usually go with a mix of whatever is in season, some fruit to enjoy with the cheese and some simply because it looks good! This selection will typically contain red & green grapes, figs, physallis, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, sharon fruit, lychees and lemon thyme sprigs for decorating together with a packet of pumpkin seeds for drizzling round the base of the cake.

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